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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who have sent me cards!

Can't wait to get these gifts out to everyone. Though sorry internet friend folks, yours will be late D:


Oct. 24th, 2010

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Oh man guys, this is like.. my pride and joy of my few few celebrity photos.
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Cupcakes, Seafood, and Flowers

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This have been crazy busy for me for good and bad. Unfortunately art has fallen to the side very badly with the 14 hour works days. Also 16-18 hours last week. I'm not sure what to do now that I have a bit of leisure time to draw for myself.

But this weekend I went to the Seattle to visit eto and Sheena, as well as attend _patches_ wedding.

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All in all a very nice and needed vacation. Though my flowers are pretty much dead already. Couldn't find any small packet of plant food ;_;


Fourmile Fire

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Some of you may know that there is a fire rather close to where I live. I live in Boulder and this falls within the county. Feels like it's right over the ridge! Though it's still miles away.

Yesterday, I woke up to a bright blue sky but hazy orange clouds. The light the sun cast through it was a bright, halloween orange. I thought it was rather cool looking. Until I realized that it meant something was on fire. We've had alot of wildfires this summer and the past. This one has been the closest to me though. All the images I've seen and just what I've seen myself have been rather awe-inspiring and unsettling at the same time. Haven't been able to take any pictures myself yet though.

The air quality was terrible yesterday and there was ash in the air but not a large amount where I am. In the evening, the winds changed to something more favorable and I was able to open my windows again and not have it smell like I lit a campfire in my home. Had some ash drifting in the air as I went to work this morning.

Seems like it'll be several days at the very least. The weather conditions haven't been favorable for the firefighters. Unfortunately several homes have been lost, including those of firefighters D:

A false color satellite image of the smoke cloud. As a point of reference, it takes me 10-15 minutes from the edge of town to drive down the highway to Lafayette, an hour to Brighton.

Some images my friends took from yesterday and earlier today from town.

More news and photos:

Any prayers/positive thoughts towards the firefighters and families affected are appreciated!


Eggs and Tomato recipe

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Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best ones. *drool*


SCII lulz

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This gave me a good laugh. And I happen to play Zerg.

From the SC II forums:


I know we've had our differences. You know, us steam rolling the last stand of the protoss, the sacing of your homeworld of Aiur... but no need for glee filled memories. The Terran are our real problem now. We have heard their attack/move masses and smarter segie tank pilots are proving difficult for your forces to deal with. Not but 4 years ago i remember thier tanks would hap hazardly all shoot the same target... They are stronger now... more coordinated. However it is not just you, we too have found difficulty with thier new technologies speed. Our youngest most promissing track-lings are being outrun by mere criminals with jetpacks. Did you know they put a flame thrower on the top of a go kart just to mock us? Times are indeed dark for our two races.

However maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have heard whispered rumors in the swarm of a possible zerg-protoss hybrid. At first we were digusted at the idea of even being in contact with a race who could not even manage to evolve a mouth... but then we saw the metal beast. Death flew from its hands. Those we called friends exploded right before our eyes. Our brothers in the skies struck down by more missles than all the eyes in the swarm could track. We have seen hell... and we want no more of it. We must come togeather to combat this new terror. It is only in merging that we may truely be saved. Our hybrid race may beable to wipe the fear from all the young zerg fresh out of their larva... and what ever version of child your race may hold dear. We are running out of time. We must act now.

- The Swarm

PS. Really, sorry about Aiur... our bad.


AWA - Need Advice

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Anyone been to AWA? I somehow managed to get a table (even though I'm in the very back corner facing the back wall, but what can I expect so late? lol).

Never been there! No clue what to expect! Can anyone share their experience with me for AWA? Particularly those familiar with artist alley?

A map of where I'll be:


I love being a FOB

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Well ok.. I myself am much more of a twinkie (hahah, even more so if I can get dual citizenship with Taiwan) but yeaaaaaahhh it's fun.

Totally silly but this weekend one of my chinese friends got married. Much of the wedding consisted of asians of some kind. And with the younger crowd this means you have b-boys! Pop and lock it up. <--- more evidence I need to marry an asian.

Also when this song came up...

.. pretty much everyone knew at least part of the dance XD;; I know it's korean but it's still stupid famous. So amused. Plus it's a great song. The english version is good too.


Jul. 18th, 2010

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For the first time in a long long while I did no work this weekend. NOTHING. None of the regular stuff, no commissions, no nothing. All I did was sleep, clean, play some games, baked a cake and did much of the prep for a BBQ to welcome back a friend and his wife (whom I hope to become friends with too) because I wanted to, and bought a pretty dress for an upcoming friend's wedding.

Unfortunately I did think alot about work. Alot of anxiety dreams about it so I didn't get much rest when I slept. It's something I really need to work on..

But for now, I think I'll take a shower and hope that cools me down enough to work on some art for friends so they hopefully get a smile out of it.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind. I have to wake up early and head to work because they're doing work on all the parking alots at my apartment apparently, so want us to "make other arrangements for parking." I have NO idea where they expect us to park.. so I guess I just have to head to work an hour early, blech.


More awesome arts!

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And again not by me >:3

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